HUMN 303 Feminism and Literature


HUMN 303 Feminism and Literature
This week, we looked at several examples of early modernist art such as Cubism…

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HUMN 303 Feminism and Literature

HUMN 303 Feminism and Literature

Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 29 Pages 

Let’s connect the themes of the three readings and the lecture for this week to talk about how the ways feminist literature has influenced contemporary thinking?
In your first post, share what you see the main themes or issues that were important the writer of at least one of the following feminist works:

The Outside by Susan Glaspell (audio available in the lecture)

A Society by Virginia Woolf

The Solitude of Self by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Be sure to reference the specific elements of at least one of the readings or audio in your response.  We’ll follow up as a class to connect these historical issues to present-day discussions of women and society.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was direct in her approach about all men being created and deserving to be treated as equals under the vision of not just man in general, but, God himself. I chose to read the  profoundly spoken “Solitude of Self” she composed and the main objective thing within this piece that caught my attention were such passages that one would think was wrote just yesterday, with the way the world still is and the way women continue to face bias, discrimination and the glass ceiling,( just to name a few), made me not just appreciate and value her work, but its just more proof and evidence that women are just as much a minority and still treated as such. She speaks of independence and women to be treated as equals, however she makes several key points on women relying upon only herself, and no human voice to stand next t or with her in the time of battle, to be exact, this is the statement:
“How the little courtesies of life on the surface of society, deemed so important from man towards woman, fade into utter insignificance in view of the deeper tragedies in which she must play her part alone, where no human aid is possible”

How powerful, yet utterly truthful this mere opinion still stands true to this day,…