LAS 432 Class Team Discussions Week 2


LAS 432 Class Team Discussions Week 2
LAS 432 Class Discussion: Value and Duty and Team Discussion: Focusing Your Topic Discussions and Assessing Skills and Goals Discussions Week 2

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LAS 432 Class Team Discussions Week 2

LAS 432 Class Team Discussions Week 2

Value and Duty 

In the reading for this week, Onora O’Neill suggests, “Most of us agree that we should value the environment, or at least some bits of the environment; fewer of us agree why we should do so. Leaving aside answers that appeal to sheer prudence or mere preference and looking at some of the array of answers offering under the heading of ‘environmental ethics’ leaves a great deal obscure” (Chapter 4: “Environmental Value, Anthropocentrism, and Speciesism”).

How can we define environmental ethics in the contemporary moment? What are the factors involved in creating an ethical scaffold for understanding the natural world and its resources? What is the role of duty and obligation?

I’m sure many of you by now have seen the news articles describing some of the environmental initiatives many companies seem to be embarking on: whether it’s the elimination of one-use plastics; expansion of working remotely to reduce travel and it’s negative environment impacts; or, like we have seen over the last decade, the redesign of engines to reduce their emissions, there are major efforts to make us all a little more environmental conscious. In this discussion we will explore the concept of environment ethics and what it means to us, as individuals, and on a larger perspective, as a society.

So just to elaborate on the opening premise [above] to this discussion: Define environmental ethics and it’s implications.

In my view, environmental ethics is not a practice but a discipline or thought process (philosophy) that studies how us as human beings value the status of the environment in which we live. Do we preserve or destroy our environment? If we are destroying our environment, are we doing enough to fix the issue, and steps being taken to assure there will be an environment tomorrow and many years to come?  Are the implications to such habits disastrous or good?…

Focusing Your Topic 

This week you will be working with your team to create your Course Project proposal. This week you will need to do the following.

  • Finalize your topic.
  • Draft a basic definition of environmental ethics.
  • Outline key problems and solutions related to your selected technology.
  • Identify key elements of your project and assign team responsibilities.
  • Begin to develop your collective point of view.

What will be your strategy for the week? Use this space to share initial ideas with your teammates and develop an action plan.

This week we will be finalizing, as a Team the Team Project Proposal. To develop that it will need all Team Members to contribute to it. Also you will develop the weekly cadence strategy your team agrees to: How often should you expect communications? By when? By whom? Will there be one point-of-contact or will that role go to different people each week? Etc.

The expectation for full points is that, at a minimum, you would post your own idea of what the Team Weekly Strategy should be, and also respond to at least two of your classmates postings throughout this week…

Assessing Skills and Goals 

This week you will take the Profile Proficiency Test for the University. In order to participate in this discussion and receive full credit for the week, you will need to:

  1. Complete the Profile Proficiency Test. Please see the instructions (also located in the “Files” section of the course) for information on how to log in and access the test.
  2. Make an initial post that explains the correlations you see between the exam and some of the skills that you has gained during your education and how you will emphasize these skills in LAS432 this session. What are some of the ways the Learning Objectives for this course will help support your skill development as you prepare for the workforce?
  3. Complete response posts (2) that provide additional ideas for skill development and/or connections to other courses and Learning Outcomes in your program of study.

This is an additional assignment for Week Two/ Please review the instructions above. Completing the “Test” and posting your initial responses and at least two other responses throughout the week, will earn you full points for this assignment…