LAS 432 Technology Impact


LAS 432 Technology Impact
Cell phones have become a part of Americans’ daily lives, as well as that of other cultures around the…


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LAS 432 Technology Impact

LAS 432 Technology Impact

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Cell phones have become a part of Americans’ daily lives, as well as that of other cultures around the globe. Over the past decade, reports that reflect a danger associated with this technology have emerged, although some experts say there is not enough evidence to support these claims. In considering both arguments, assess whether there is causative link between cell phones and brain cancer. Or is it just a coincidence?

Class, in this discussion, it is important to examine and discuss different facts and different perspectives related to the health issues associated with cell phones.  I encourage you to research the topic and share information sources in the discussion.
Below I have posted the link to the site and its review of literature on this topic, which is later accompanied by a summary list of pros and cons related to whether or not cell phones are safe.  Do you think that product testing by the federal government should be lengthened? Studies of the possible correlation between cell phone usage and brain cancer show mixed outcomes.  But do you think that public education about potential health risks associated with cell phones might be helpful or not?

Interesting read, it is a few years old, but as many of the Pros and Cons pointed out, it takes decades to truly conduct a study of long term effects on the human body.  I did notice that there was one trend on both sides of the Pros and Cons; there was not enough sufficient repeatable scientific data to make concise conclusions.   This means that every person and organization is guessing based off of their beliefs and thoughts.  This is not different than making a science fiction movie based off of what you think is going to happen in the future.

There have been no scientifically repeatable truths to this discussion, just probabilities.  The problem is, we don’t know if something else caused those in the study to have whatever sicknesses they received.  It could have been the use of cell phones, or it could have been the fact that they had their brains scanned by something a heck of a lot more powerful, like an MRI, CT, or X-Ray machine once a week for a year.  It is hard to tell where to tumors or cancer came from when you take a step back and see everything else you put these people through, other than just picking random people and scanning their brains once.

You don’t need a study group for the use of cell phones, everyone uses them all the time, just pick groups from different regions, different ages, different races, different devices (apple/Samsung), and more.  Then do a sweep with a questionnaire, that way you are not introducing long term affects from your own scanning devices.  We also have to remember, with population growth, there will be a growth in diseases, viruses, and more.  So, an increase in brain cancer, could just be an increase in population.  There is also the fact that more people go to the doctors now, then they did a hundred years ago, so there are more cases reported than before too.  As you can see, we can go on all day, on all the different aspects of obtaining a scientific truth.  Until someone has done a true long term study and covered all aspects of life, not just cell phones, we cannot determine whether or not it is safe or not…