LAS432 Course Discussions Week 1


LAS432 Course Discussions Week 1
The way we interact today with one another has changed tremendously. Cell phone technology…


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LAS432 Course Discussions Week 1

LAS432 Course Discussions Week 1

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The Role of a Thesis – 39 Pages 

A thesis statement plays an important role in the research process. Baase states in her prologue that “Computer technology is the most significant new technology since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.” In doing so, she had to back up this argument with solid scholarly research. To evaluate the strength of her argument, consider for a moment whether she accomplished this goal. How did she do in convincing you of her claim? What were the arguments she used to support her point within Week 1’s reading? Were they enough to convince you that she was right in stating this? Why is Baase’s thesis statement considered a good example to study in preparing for writing your own thesis statement this week?

The way we interact today with one another has changed tremendously. Cell phone technology is progressing daily. Cell phones use to only have the ability to call. Today’s technology has created a hand held computer that does just about everything that a laptop can do. The ability to not just talk but being able to video chat and becoming part of the lives of family and friends. This also comes with the downside of identity theft and stealing of personal information. Nevertheless computer technology has changed the way we now live our lives…

Science and Technology – 40 Pages 

If the scientific test of a scientific theory is accepted by the community of men and women who are called scientists, does that mean that anything is acceptable as long as enough of the right people agree with it? Does that mean there is no such thing as scientific truth? How, if at all, does science differ from politics, art, or religion? Sometimes repeated research finds conflicting results about a formerly reported scientific fact – how does this affect American trust in scientific facts? Why is it that scientists follow the steps of the scientific method – what is gained by this process?

To prove my point, how many scientists thought the world was flat, so society believed it too. What if a bunch of scholars and scientists came up with some phenomenon and then talked smartly about it so it sounded like they could explain the phenomenon, would you automatically believe it?  Once something is proven, it becomes a fact, not scientific theory anymore.  It does not matter whether or not the scientific method was used or not.  Look at the Big Bang Theory; it will always be a theory because we cannot travel through time to prove it right or wrong.  In fact, there are several strong explainable scientific theories about the creation of our world, how do we know any of them, if any, are true.  That is why it is not a fact, just a theory. I fully understand how we can interpret facts through math and science, but until proven, to me anyways, it will never be fact.  It is kind of a probability game where we have figured out the most likely scenario using other examples, calculations, observations, etcetera, and then stated a theory based off of it.  The only problem is, until it happens or it is seen in real life, it is still just a theory.  If you really like science, you should check out the show “Through the Wormhole”.  I have no argument that scientist have a great track record, and that they do their homework, but if this work leaves room for interpretation or change, then it is not a fact yet.  Additionally, just because I am a stickler for the truth does not mean I do not love science, or the scientist that do this impressive work.  I just do not believe in something because everyone else does; I believe in facts and what can be proven…