MGMT 303 Course Discussions


MGMT 303 Course Discussions
Based on what you have read in our text, how would you define a manager? How would you…

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MGMT 303 Course Discussions

MGMT 303 Course Discussions

Who is a Manager? What is an Organization?

Who is a Manager? What is an Organization?

Based on what you have read in our text, how would you define a manager? How would you define an organization? Please cite your sources. Give an example of a manager and an organization.

Organizations needs managers that uphold the company as well as seeing it run smoothly, as well as someone that can manage the company accordingly.

According to our textbook in chapter one a manager is “someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so organizational goals can be accomplished”. I believe their role goes much deeper than that. The manager is the backbone of the organization in any area below executive level. They encourage and dictate the attitude of the organization on day to day bases, and will be the reason for success or failure of a given task. Managers must be…

Managerial Ethics

Explain how management can impact ethics within an organization.  It is important in any organization to follow a set of ethical guidelines.  Ethics are basically moral rules that managers and employees must follow to keep a positive work environment.  It is especially important for managers to compose themselves in an ethical manner, because they are the example to their employees.  If a manager is unethical and doesn’t follow the rules, then employees will most likely break the rules also.  “When leaders establish a strong commitment to ethical behavior and…

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Business Decisions

Managers, most business decisions are made under conditions of either risk or uncertainty. What is the difference between risk and uncertainty (please cite your sources)? In your opinion, is it easier to make a decision under a condition of risk or a condition of uncertainty? Why? Give an example from your experiences to support your answer.

When it comes to risk and uncertainty, which would be easy to determine in an organization?

A condition of certainty exists when the decision-maker knows with reasonable certainty what the alternatives are, what conditions are associated with each alternative, and the outcome of each alternative. Under conditions of certainty, accurate, measurable, and reliable information on which to base decisions is available.

The cause and effect relationships are known and the future is highly predictable under conditions of certainty. Such conditions exist in…

Performing a SWOT Analysis

Using your SWOT analysis selected organization, identify that organization. What are the competitive advantages of the organization you identified? Explain how you arrived at that decision.

The competitive advantage of Coca Cola is outstanding, and it takes those points to really stand out in the market and get noticed.  Dell is pretty competitive and eliminating the middle men makes Dell all the more alluring, so companies like Dell have to be on their toes.

The Strength of an organization depends on an individual’s vision, scope of interest, innovative & creative skills social skills, financial soundness and risk bearing capability. The weakness is a result of improper knowledge structured planning and distorted organizing. Opportunities can be derived from having an insight towards understanding your interest with the prevailing market conditions. Threats arise from lack of credibility, failed competitive strength, improper utilization of resources and failed understanding of the changing trends of market. I chose Coca Cola as my organization. A competitive advantage is the ability of a company to…

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Global Environment and Competitive Advantage

Studying the cultural differences between countries can help a company be more successful doing business internationally. What are the cultural dimensions that vary by country? What is cultural intelligence?

Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Originally, the term cultural intelligence and the abbreviation “CQ” was developed by the research done by Soon Ang and Linn Van Dyne as a…

Can anyone give an example of a company not researching into another country and it ending horribly?

When expanding into new countries you have to know the culture and how to implement your presence in the global market….

New Business Venture

Discuss the reasons why small businesses are so important to the U.S. economy. Understanding that “Diversity is also desirable for innovation, flexibility, and organizational success,” how does it then play a part in small business success? Please cite your sources.

Considering diversity in the workplace, can anyone give an example of how diversity can make or break a company?

Diversity in the workplace includes gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, mental and physical conditions along with other distinct differences between people. There are many benefits to having diversity in a workplace. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 67 percent of jobseekers said a diversity workforce is…

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Organizational Design

There are many elements to consider when designing an organizational structure. Let’s start by each of picking one of the six key elements and discussing why that element is important to the overall success of the design. Please cite your sources.

When it comes to designing a structure, what obstacles do you think you would run into?

Studying the span of control can determine the size of the company, however its important to not spread yourself too thin in a company for it would mean a lot of people would be having to answer to you.

Departmentalized actions is a great way for employees to know what’s expected of them and to break down their actions in a presentable manner.

Resistance to Change

Change is a constant factor in both in our personal and work lives. There seems to be resistance to change whether the change will be good or bad. Why do people resist change?

When it comes to resisting change, what can you think of that justifies fear of change? What do you think most people think of when it comes to change?

Changes could be seen as an uncertainty, which would mean change is inevitable and so would be uncertainty.

MGMT 303 Course Discussions

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Human Resource Management

Human resources are very important to all organizations. What are some processes involved in human resource planning to determine the right number of employees with the right kind of capabilities? How does diversity play a part in these Human Resources planning process? Please cite your sources.

Humans resources are very important, but can anyone give an example of HR not performing well?  There should be a link between HR and the plan of organization, and in today’s organizations that could be key.  Diversity can play a big part, for it would mean different perspectives and new ways of looking at problems.

Motivation and Performance

There are many theories on how to motive employees. Let’s consider two of the theories: goal-setting and reinforcement. Define each of these theories and cite your sources. Do you agree with either of these theories? Why are they important or not important in today’s organizations? What is Herzberg’s theory? Please cite your sources.  When it comes to motivation, can anyone give an example of a wrong type of motivation that lead to disastrous results.

Incentivizing employees can be a great way to motivate them, however don’t spoil them too much or not much will get done.  In today’s organizations managers need to be flexible and able to understand what truly motivates an employee.

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Leadership Behaviors

Despite no scientific or empirical data to support the trait approach to leadership, many still believe there is an association between leadership behavior and certain traits. Research and cite your responses to the following questions: Why do you think these beliefs persist? In what ways is the use of the trait approach helpful and/or harmful to those who use it?

In what makes a good leader, can anyone give an example of a bad leader?  Some people can interpret leadership differently, however it shouldn’t excuse bullies in the workplace…

MGMT 303 Course Discussions


What are the similarities and differences of oral and written communication? What kinds of situations call for the use of oral methods? What situations call for the use of written communication?

When it comes to communication, which method would you prefer and how much more effective can it be over the other?  Communication requires a level of understanding, especially when you don’t want your message to be misinterpreted.  The more important the business and importance people put into it, the more communication you’ll need…

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Importance of the Fourth Function of Management Control

The function of control is extremely important to any organization. What makes this function so important? What are the steps in the control process? Please cite your sources. How have you seen the steps used in your workplace?

With control, can anyone give an example of an organization that lost control?  New companies are buying older companies all the time and not all steps can prove disastrously.  Control is a great way to keep the company on track, especially when there could be many problems in a project.  Surveys are a great way to understand performances and the company better.

Control is important for a manager when it comes to running a business. I think that If a manager cannot have control over their team or employees then the company is in danger. There are several ways to control a team positively. One is to use positive re-enforcement of discipline. When…

Useful Information

Identify and explain one system that provides applications within an organization. What do you believe are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the system? Give an example of the system other than the examples in the text.

When it comes to gaining useful information, can anyone give an example of an organization that used the wrong information?  Organizations can be tricky, but don’t lose sight of what you want and try to keep your head up.  Customer evaluations can be very useful, especially when management needs to know what it must do to stay afloat.

A management information system (MIS) is a set of systems and procedures that gather data from a range of sources, compile it and present it in a readable format. Managers use an MIS to create reports that provide them with a comprehensive…

MGMT 303 Course Discussions