MGMT 303 Midterm Exam


MGMT 303 Midterm Exam 
(TCO 3) What are the three general areas that should be included in a company’s code of ethics?…

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MGMT 303 Midterm Exam

MGMT 303 Midterm Exam


(TCO 1) The shared values, principles, and traditions can be described as (Points : 5)

Stakeholder culture

Team culture

Employee culture

Organizational culture

(TCO 1) One example of a firm studying its ____ is an annual assessment of the labor supply available to the company. (Points : 5)

Organizational culture

Internal environment

External environment

Organizational mission

(TCO 2) The Ford Motor Company sold an auto parts company because profitability was low. The main environmental dimension considered was (Points : 5)





(TCO 2) Various social networks have enabled people to stay in contact with each other. It also hurts relationships when too much information is shared. This reflects the _____ element of the general environment. (Points : 5)






(TCO 3) A leader who wants to encourage ethics within the company should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 5)

Be a good role model by being ethical and honest

Be willing to admit personal failures

Communicate personal values with employees

Hide information

(TCO 3) The United Nations says that companies should have core values that include all EXCEPT (Points : 5)


Concern for stockholders

Human rights

Labor standards

The environment

(TCO 4) Which of the following is usually the second type of international business in which a company gets involved? (Points : 5)

Licensing strategy

Joint venture


Direct investment

(TCO 4) With whom is the United States involved in an agreement which creates a vast economic bloc? (Points : 5)

The African Union

The Latin American Integration Association

The Caribbean Common Market

Canada and Mexico

Pacific Asia

(TCO 5) You have decided to become a small business owner. On your business plan, you state that the business will offer exceptional customer service while providing locally grown vegetables and fruits that are organically grown. What part of the business plan does this represent? (Points : 5)

A strategic goal

An operational plan

A mission statement

A strategic plan

(TCO 6) Which of the following is a source of equity financing provided by a professionally managed pool of investors? (Points : 5)

Financial institutions

Personal financial resources

Angel investors

None of the above
(TCO 6) An organization or an entrepreneur can look for opportunities in different external areas according to Peter Drucker. When the opportunity is due to a change by altering the types and quantities of products and services desired and cutomers’ buying power, this is _______. (Points : 5)

Industry and market structure changes

Demographics changes

Perception change

The unexpected or unanticipated change

None of the above

(TCO 1) What are the functions of a manager? Describe each function. (Points : 10)

(TCO 1) Mintzberg studied managerial roles and created a model with managerial roles. What are those roles? What does each role require? (Points : 10)

(TCO 2) Identify and comment on three organizational stakeholders. (Points : 10)

(TCO 2) Explain the differences between global sourcing, strategic alliance, and foreign subsidiary. (Points : 10)

(TCO 3) What are the three general areas that should be included in a company’s code of ethics? Give two examples of a specific thing that would be found in each of these general areas. (Points : 10)

(TCO 3) Give five arguments for and five against a company being socially responsible. (Points : 10)

(TCO 4) Culture varies by country. Give five of the dimensions and one country that is likely to be high and one that is likely to be low for each dimension. (Points : 10)

(TCO 4) What is the World Trade Organization and why is it important to the global environment? (Points : 10)

(TCO 7) Briefly describe the bureaucratic model of organizational design. (Points : 10)

(TCO 4) Describe three environmental challenges of international management. (Points : 15)

(TCO 5) What are the differences between strategy formulation and strategy implementation? (Points : 15)

(TCO 5) Identify a company and write a brief SWOT analysis for that company. (Points : 15)

(TCO 6) Describe three major important roles of entrepreneurship in the American economy. (Points : 15)

(TCO 7) Briefly describe the matrix form of organization design. List its advantages and disadvantages. This structural form is most likely to be used under what conditions? (Points : 15)

(TCO 7) In what ways are virtual and learning organizations different from the typical organization? (Points : 15)

MGMT 303 Midterm Exam NEW