MGMT 410 Final Exam


MGMT 410 Final Exam 
(TCO 1) Which of the following human resource management specialties calls for collecting data to write…

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MGMT 410 Final Exam

MGMT 410 Final Exam


(TCO 2) Name and explain or define the goals of the training and development function of HRM. (Points : 40)

The main goals of HRM’s training and development function includes building an understanding of the responsibilities and…

(TCO 7) You are the recruiter and hiring manager for the position of vice president of sales for a company that sells athletic shoes on the West Coast. This position carries with it a number of unique responsibilities, including managing a department of 250 part-time and 50 full-time employees, a budget-making requirement, responsibility for P & L for the department, extensive weekly travel, a master’s-level education (minimum), and at least 10 years of experience in sales and 5 years’ experience in management. The salary and benefits package is $250,000. Your boss asks you which method of recruiting you will prefer to use and why you will use it. What downsides to your recommended method exist? What is your answer? (Points : 40)

I would recommend to use third-party sourcing as the recruitment method because these third-party recruitment…

(TCO 12) Describe three types of flexible benefits programs and state the one you would recommend be implemented. Why would you pick that one program? Provide at least one solid business reason why. (Points : 40)

Three types of flexible benefits programs are cafeteria plans, the module approach, and the core-plus-options plan. Cafeteria plans…

(TCO 8) Evaluate Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation, and determine which level would be most appropriate for the average organization. Why is Level 4 so difficult to obtain? (Points : 40)

The most appropriate for the average organization is Level 2: Learning, because it is…

(TCO 1) Which of the following human resource management specialties calls for collecting data to write job descriptions? (Points : 6)

Job analyst

Job training specialist

Compensation manager

EEO coordinator

(TCO 3) Luisa has worked for a 2,500-employee chemical manufacturer, PoySon, for 2 years. She went to work Monday morning to find her key no longer fit the front door lock and a new sign—”FUTURE HOME OFFICE OF GREEN CO.”—on the front door. She called the office and found that the telephone had been disconnected. Her husband called her and mentioned the local paper with headlines, “PoySon Sells Plastics Plant to a Recycler: 2,000 Layoffs!” Luisa remembered the letter she received from the HRM department 3 months earlier warning of this probable plant closing. To which further protection is Luisa entitled under W.A.R.N.? (Points : 6)

She is entitled to an amount equal to pay and benefits for up to 60 days.

Her job must be given back to her.

Luisa has no protection. She was notified in an appropriate manner.

Luisa has no protection. The employee layoff number is too small.

Luisa has no protection. She hasn’t worked there long enough.

(TCO 3) Which of the following laws most impacts pregnant women’s employee and/or employer rights and obligations? (Points : 6)






(TCO 4) Based on research into ethical behavior in the workplace, which of the following is a true statement? (Points : 6)

Offering rewards for ethical behavior supports the intrinsic nature of personal ethics.

Punishing unethical behavior fails to alter the behavior of others in the workplace.

Managers significantly influence the ethical behavior of their subordinates.

Employees feel uncomfortable discussing ethics, so it should be avoided.

(TCO 5) Which of the following is the primary disadvantage of using questionnaires to gather job analysis information? (Points : 6)

Questionnaires are the most expensive method of collecting data.

Supervisors are required to verify all collected questionnaire data.

Questionnaires are too open-ended for statistical information.

Developing and testing questionnaires is time-consuming.

(TCO 6) The more specific the job qualifications in a help wanted ad are, the (Points : 6)

Higher the salary that will be offered.

Lower the salary that will be offered.

More important the position will be.

Lower the number of résumés that will be received.

Higher the number of résumés that will be received.

(TCO 7) Which is the difference between a conditional job offer and a permanent job offer? (Points : 6)

The conditional job offer is made by the recruiter. The permanent job offer is made by the interviewer.

The conditional job offer is made after salary is set. The permanent job offer is based on performance expectations before salary is set.

Conditional job offers are made to hourly workers. Permanent job offers are made to salaried workers.

The conditional job offer is made before the initial screening. The permanent job offer is made after medical requirements are met.

(TCO 8) When Jeremy completed his study program in the plumber’s union hall, he was assigned to work with an older plumber to learn the trade in practice. This method of training is called (Points : 6)

Job rotation.

Assistant to position.




(TCO 9) Jaylen is a stay-at-home dad. He has two children. He likes spending time with them and raising them. He is very involved in their education. He is a volunteer at the Parent Teacher Association of his children’s school. He is also the coach of their baseball team. Both children get good grades and their teachers like them. Jaylen’s wife is a corporate lawyer and makes a six-figure paycheck, travels extensively, and relies on Jaylen to be home caring for their family. Is Jaylen having a successful career, using internal factors? (Points : 6)

No, being a stay-at-home father is not a career.

No, he does not earn any income from his work.

Yes, because at least his wife works.

No, but at least he is saving on childcare costs.

Yes, because he is a successful homemaker and enjoys it.

(TCO 10) Which of the following reasons does not support the purposes behind having a performance appraisal system? (Points : 6)

Documentation for terminating an employee

Motivating an employee

Strengthening the supervisor and employee relationship

Allowing friendships to impact performance evaluations

Protecting the company from lawsuits

(TCO 11) Preferred office furnishings, assigned parking spaces, and business cards are all examples of (Points : 6)

Intrinsic rewards.
Extrinsic, nonfinancial rewards.

Intrinsic financial rewards.

Membership-based rewards.

Intrinsic performance-based rewards.

(TCO 12) Which of the following is not considered a short-term disability plan? (Points : 6)

Company sick leave

Unemployment insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance

Short-term disability insurance

FMLA leave

(TCO 13) Companies subject to OSHA Form 300 record-keeping rules must keep such records for (Points : 6)

(TCO 14) A teachers’ union has been trying to negotiate a new contract with school officials for 30 days. The old contract expires in 2 months, the day before school starts for the year. To resolve the contract negotiation disputes, a third party has been hired to pull together the common ground that exists and to make recommendations in the settlement that would overcome barriers that exist between the two sides. Which kind of impasse resolution technique is being used? (Points : 6)

(TCO 11) Of the following, which is the only performance-based benefit or award? (Points : 6)

MGMT 410 Final Exam