MGMT 591 Organizational Culture


MGMT 591 Organizational Culture
With respect to your own organization, ask yourself these questions: Do you know your own…



MGMT 591 Organizational Culture

MGMT 591 Organizational Culture

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CLASS…Here is our case study on organizational culture.
Please see my first thread posting. Also share your OCI results in the threads.

Zappos Culture

  1. How would you describe the corporate culture at Zappos? Is it an asset or liability? Explain.
  2. If we administered a culture survey to all Zappos employees and management, do you think the espoused culture as described by management would match the culture expressed by the employees? Why or why not?
  3. What effect does Zappos culture have on teamwork, job satisfaction, turnover, and performance?
  4. A company’s corporate culture is mirrored in the character or “personality” of its work environment. Our text discusses three levels of analysis in studying organizational culture. Provide an example from the case or video that illustrates an observable aspect of the culture, shared values, and common assumptions.
  5.  What is the relationship between Zappos’s culture and its business strategy? Why is this important?
  6. Evaluate why you think the culture at Zappos continues to work for them
    despite the many changes in the company over the years.
  7. Do you think Zappos can continue to successfully maintain their culture now that they are merging with Or will the culture morph into something else?
  8. Can Zappos competitors copy their culture? Why or why not? What’s your take on the Zappos seminars to teach others how to emulate its culture?
  9. How and when do cultures typically change and adapt?  Do you think it would
    be difficult to change the corporate culture at Zappos?
  10. Did you ever work at a company or organization with a distinct corporate
    culture?  Do smaller firms have a corporate culture?  What and who shapes that
    culture at small firms or large corporations? Explain.
  11.  Do you think you would be a good fit with the culture at Zappos?
    Explain.  Why is it so important to make sure you fit with the culture at a
    company before you take a job?  What methods do companies use to try and figure
    out if you could both do the job and fit in with the culture?  Why is a good
    fit also important for a company?
  12. What is an important “take away” the Zappos case offers?
  13. Changing a company culture that is unhealthy or dysfunctional is among the toughest management tasks because of the heavy anchor of ingrained behaviors and ways of doing things. Naturally, employees will be reluctant to change and will want to maintain the status quo. Assume you’ve been charged with implementing a culture change at Zappos or any other organization. Help the class understand some of the issues and planning steps you would consider in making a compelling case for culture change as well as implementing the culture-change effort.

With respect to your own organization, ask yourself these questions: Do you know your own culture? Can you articulate it? Is your culture “okay”, but not great? Is cultural change needed? If you know that your culture is weak, but the organization is still performing, is the performance sustainable under those circumstances? Is the impetus for change there?…