MGMT404 Risk Register Week 5


MGMT404 Risk Register Week 5
ID Risk Name Risk Description Impact Probability Risk Ranking …

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MGMT404 Risk Register Week 5

MGMT404 Risk Register Week 5

A+ 37 Risks

IDRisk NameRisk DescriptionImpactProbabilityRisk RankingPositive/NegativeProactive Response PlanTrigger EventReactive Contingency Plan
VH,H,M,L,VLVH,H,M,L,VLWhat is the risk color code ?Is this a positive or negative risk from the risk matrix?What proactively can be attempted to make the risk happen or prevent it?What do you think will trigger the event?What are your backup plans if the risk should occur?
1SMEs’ lack of cooperation in the requirements gathering phaseIf the SMEs fail to provide all of the information needed by the project team, then the resulting software application might not…HVLYellowNegative1. The project team explains the importance of the requirements gathering phase to the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in order to get their cooperation.

2. The project team assures the….

The SMEs hesitate to provide the information¬† being asked due to…1. Reiterate the importance of the information in the development of the timesheet system.

2. Show how and where…