MGMT410 Discussions Week 5


MGMT410 Discussions Week 5
Compare and contrast the following methods of job evaluation: ranking, classification…

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MGMT410 Discussions Week 5

MGMT410 Discussions Week 5

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Performance Appraisals – 53 Pages

What are the different performance appraisal methods? Pick two: the one you find to be MOST effective (and tell us why) and the one you find to be LEAST effective (and tell us why).

For the most effective, explain how it is effective in doing the following:

  • providing fair and reliable ways of differentiating employees;
  • targeting and rewarding those who most deserve it;
  • setting forth a fair and cost-effective plan for compensation; and
  • motivating and ensuring performance of employees.

For the least effective, explain how it interferes in the above four items…..

Methods of Job Evaluation – 43 Pages

Compare and contrast the following methods of job evaluation: ranking, classification, factor comparison, and point method. Which of these do you feel is most useful and why?…

What are compensable factors and how are they used? The most popular compensable factors are skill, effort, working conditions and responsibility.  How are these things used in job evaluation?  Why are these so popular (there is a legal reason for this)?
In addition, could organizations use others than those mentioned here?  Can we use different compensable factors for different jobs in the same organization?  Or do we have to use the same compensable factors across the organization?

It is a violation of the law to prohibit employees from discussing their pay rates. Employers can try to discipline or regulate this behavior, but doing so will get them in trouble with the NLRB, which believes that such regulation is a violation against the protection of concerted activity, even for nonunion workers! Employers need to understand that prohibiting talk will never work, and that they should instead implement FAIR pay structures! How can a company implement a fair pay structure, and what is a “fair” pay structure?

What do the compensate factors have to do with designing a compensation system? Which goal do they fit into (among the goals in my last READ ME) post?…