MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7


MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7
Should they use this information as part of the decision factor when evaluating applicants…

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MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

All Student Posts – 932 Pages 

Week 1 All Student Posts – 164 Pages

Types of Communication – 81 Pages

Often a good place to start is with personal experience. This week’s first discussion assignment requires observation. At your place of employment, what types of communication are being used on a daily basis?  How is each of these types of communication important to the efficient operation of your business?  Are these types of communication being used effectively?  How would you improve communication at your company?…

Diversity, Culture, Ethics, and Social Responsibility – 83 Pages

To communicate effectively, we must first acknowledge that individuals with whom you communicate are just that, individuals. And so are you. It is highly probable that the students in this classroom represent a diverse population.  Trust is a huge factor when communicating ethically. Your image and the image of your company depend upon their social responsibility.
Please share personal experiences or news stories that illustrate positive communication or negative communication practices. Provide at least one detailed example. Was communication handled in a proper manner? What would you have done differently?…

Week 2 All Student Posts – 141 Pages

The Writing Process – 68 Pages

Let’s try a brainstorming exercise. Everyone in this class is part of a marketing team for a new ice cream company that hopes to top Ben & Jerry’s for creative flavors. All of you have been gathered into a large conference room for the whole day. What flavor would you suggest? What are the ingredients in your flavor?  Don’t forget to give it catchy name. Remember this is a brainstorming session so feel free to offer suggestions and new ideas for each other’s flavors.

Writing the Business Message – 73 Pages

Let’s try an exercise as group. This year your manager has been told that he can give a small cost of living raise to all of his workers, but he can choose to give one person a higher raise. Rather that tell each of his employees of these limitations, he has given each of you the same challenge. You have been asked to write a letter stating why you deserve a raise. What information do you think should be included in the letter to convince your boss you deserve the raise?  What tone should the letter be written? How long do you think the letter should be? Try your hand at writing an example letter. Feel free to offer constructive criticism for each other’s letters.

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 3 All Student Posts – 136 Pages

Writing Report and Proposals – 61 Pages

This week we will learn how to create a report or proposal. Let’s start our discussions by looking at the different ways to organize a report. Reports are often organized by time, location, and/or importance. In your own words, discuss one of these report organization methods. Provide a detailed example of a report topic for which this method would work well. Show how you would organize this report.  Do you all believe that a rough draft is important part of writing?  Why or why not? Also, think about some of the most challenging types of reports for you to write. What are some of the types and which types of reports come easily to you? Please share your challenges and strengths with the team. Don’t bother about responding to all questions at the same time. Instead, just respond to one of them and allow others to both post initial comments and reply to others’ comments….

Gathering Data for Your Report – 75 Pages

Remember our brainstorming exercise last week? That was a good way to gather data using an internal group. While evaluating all of the great flavors your class created during this brainstorming session, your marketing team decided to send out a questionnaire to gather external data. Questionnaires include only closed-end questions. Your team decides to use only five questions.
Your marketing team wants to find out what types of desserts your customers like best. Develop five questions that you would put on a questionnaire. Why did you choose those questions? What results are you hoping to get from these questions?

As a manager we must learn to capture the very essence of our proposals, reports, or memos from the beginning because the executive team usually does not have time to read lengthy documents.  We must learn the importance of writing effectively, so that our ideas will be embraced and implemented in our organization. Fellow Scholars; what are your thoughts on succinct writing versus lengthy writing? Which one will impress the reader or business executive more? It there a time and a place for each style? What are your thoughts?….

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 4 All Student Posts – 118 Pages

Preparing Effective Presentations – 62 Pages

This week you will be preparing an oral presentation. In this week’s lecture we discussed various ways to create a catchy opening for a presentation. Choose a story from  and create an interesting opening that they would deliver for that story and that could be used in a presentation. What do you consider to be the highlights of the story? Why did you choose that particular story?

Tell us about your most successful presentation and what made it viable.  How important are the following areas in terms of a presentations quality: mood, audience, confidence, conciseness, and visual impact?  Do you believe that Power points are necessary?  What’s your rationale?…

Design Elements of a Presentation – 56 Pages

Our marketing team has done internal brainstorming and external research. Executive Management has asked your management team to present your ideas and customer questionnaire data to them. They are looking for your recommendations on the ice cream flavors that will be used to launch this new business. Their approval is needed before your marketing team can begin working on marketing strategies.  What type of opening would you use for your presentation? What information do you think should be included in the presentation to support your flavor choices? What graphics, tables, and charts would you add to validate your choices?  How will you approach your oral presentation?  How can humor be used to enhance a presentation? What are your thoughts?  What color would you recommend for the background of the slides? If the audience is diverse, it’s important to consider the meaning of colors. What are some color considerations when presenting to a diverse audience?…

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 5 All Student Posts – 121 Pages

Creating Effective Neutral and Positive Messages – 61 Pages

Give an example of a situation or scenario for which you would write a neutral or positive message. What key points need to be covered in the message? What would be the tone of the message? What kind of response would you expect to receive in return?

This week we will cover different types of business messages to include neutral, positive, and persuasive messages. Communication is important to the effective operation of every company. Most companies communicate to a large internal or external audience and need to understand how to write an effective message that considers the audience’s needs while accomplishing its purpose and maintaining goodwill. Can you share a positive or neutral message you have received?  How did you feel about the message?  Did it achieve the outcome you feel was desired?…

Writing a Persuasive Message – 60 Pages

Let’s continue with our Ice Cream Flavor Project. Last week you evaluated the design elements you would use in your presentation to management. Your team must persuade executive management to go ahead with the project. You must sell them on your ideas. What persuasive points should be included in the presentation? How will you convince them to approve the project? Explain your response.

Have you ever had to persuade someone to do something? Have you ever had to persuade a customer that your company had the best products? This week we will also look at persuasive messages. From a personal standpoint, I believe that learning how to persuade is an art —! What do you think?…

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 6 All Student Posts – 129 Pages

Crisis Management – 65 Pages

The success of any business or organization rests firmly on their reputation. Take a field trip to the Internet. Find information on one of these unsuccessful examples of crisis management: Ford and Firestone, Exxon, BP oil spill, Japan’s nuclear reactors, Toyota, RIM (Research in Motion) or Apple’s iPhone. What did they do wrong? How should they have handled this crisis management communication more effectively? Why was this a missed opportunity?  Now, take it a bit further and find an example of a successful example of crisis management. What did that company do differently from those who did not handle to crisis properly?…

Bad News Messages – 64 Pages

Your company has been holding annual Christmas parties for more than 20 years. Some concern has been raised by executive management about these parties damaging the reputation of the company. An all adult party, the conduct of the employees has become out of control. With this change in policy, all employees will get their usual annual Christmas bonus plus a gift basket from the company. Instead of a Christmas party, it has been suggested that the company hold a summer picnic open to the employees and their families at a local adventure park. All-day passes to the adventure park and all that it offers will be given to each employee for the whole family. A potluck picnic will be held, with the company providing all the meat and drinks. Employees and their families will have the opportunity to participate in games with generous prizes. It is November and the time that the party planners start their planning process. How would you propose the company communicate these policy changes to the employees? What form of media would you use—snail mail, interoffice memo, email, or a presentation to the employees? How would you word the communication to employees?…

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 7 All Student Posts 123 Pages

Employment Communications – 64 Pages

This week’s course project deals with social media and how companies today should handle this growing form of communication. When you apply for a job, do you feel that the company to which you are applying has a right to search social media websites for information on you? Should they use this information as part of the decision factor when evaluating applicants? Do you feel that people should be held accountable for what they post on these websites?

Have you considered the Facebook pages of the subordinates, managers or recruiters in your organization?  In other words, do you investigate co-workers pages?  What are your thoughts?…

Job Interview Questions – 59 Pages

Let’s use this forum this week to share job interview information with your classmate s. What questions have you been asked during a job interview? What information do you wish you would have brought with you to an interview to be better prepared? What type of testing did the employer require during the interview process?

This week we will also look at the art of creating a Resume that presents professional credentials in a compelling manner and a persuasive Cover Letter seeking a personal interview in response to a specific job opening. Let’s say that you did get past the resume and then into the interview room.  What questions have you been asked during a job interview? How did you do? Did you get the job? If not, what were your main flaws?…

MGMT550 Course Discussions Week 1-7