MIS 600 Project Proposal


MIS 600 Project Proposal
Your Professor will assign teams at the beginning of the week…

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MIS 600 Project Proposal

MIS 600 Project Proposal



Check into the introduction thread, if you did not do so in Week 0.

Your Professor will assign teams at the beginning of the week. Once teams are assigned, here are some things you should be doing this week.

  1. Elect a team leader (recommended but not required). You can have the same leader throughout the course or change leaders each week. The leader will schedule meetings, facilitate discussion in the meetings, and put team deliverables in the Dropbox.
  2. Purchase a headset (if you don’t have one)—You will need a headset with microphone to meet with your team in iConnect.
  3. (10 points)Hold an iConnect meeting with your team and record it (this is part of your participation grade). The iConnect areas will be active after your professor assigns teams.
  4. (10 points)Ensure that you meet individual posting requirements in the graded discussion area (this is also part of your participation grade).
  5. (25 points)Select a business problem that can be solved with technology (the solution must have a software component, a database component, and hardware infrastructure). Your team will be consultants documenting business requirements and building a project plan to solve the business problem. Fill out the System Request Form in Doc Sharing. One team member should submit the completed form to the Dropbox for the team.
  6. (10 points)Fill out a Team Status Report by end of week and turn it in to the Dropbox. There is a status report template in the Dropbox. Be sure to show which team member is responsible for the course deliverables this week and to indicate when you plan to have your team meeting in Week 2.

FYI—Next week you will be presenting your proposed project solution to management in your first of two iConnect presentation meetings with management.


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