MIS535 Professional Sports Go High Tech


MIS535 Professional Sports Go High Tech
Hawk-eye is the name of a computer and camera system which traces a ball’s trajectory…

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MIS535 Professional Sports Go High Tech

MIS535 Professional Sports Go High Tech

Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts – 67 Pages 

Professional sports is a huge money maker.
How does technology support this? Research this topic in the DeVry online Library (and elsewhere); please include the links to where you found the information that you are discussing.

Some ideas to get you started include high-tech stadiums, RFID on players, social media, and big data.

So, how does technology support professional sports today?   What are the benefits?   What is different from a decade ago?

What are some of the tools and technologies available that support a team-oriented, collaborative culture?
Many are discussed in Chapter 2 of our text (pp.61-64).  Select ONE and discuss its pros and cons.

Can you identify examples of companies, e.g., sports teams and others, that embrace a technology.  What do they do that fosters innovation?

How is this different from traditional teamwork? Does your company have, or might it consider, any kind of sponsorship or other financial involvement with a major league sports team or athletes? If so, you likely want to investigate ways to protect that investment.

One option is provided through a specialized service of PricewaterhouseCoopers. The sports group’s highest-profile service involves vetting potential draft picks, largely for professional football and basketball. Other clients include hockey and American soccer teams.

By looking at a player’s ecosystem, the team can see if the player has wider negative influences than just his own misconduct. Another aspect of the profile is based on social media content. What do a player’s tweets and other social media posts say about him?

PWC has powerful data aggregation tools that dramatically categorize and break down social media content. Is a particular player, say, abusive toward women? Does he glamorize the misuse of drugs? And what are the other people in the player’s ecosystem saying about him? What kind of other content are they putting out about him? Are there photos of the player at big frat parties engaged in illicit activities?

1- transaction processing systems (TPS)

2- management information systems (MIS)

3- decision support systems (DSS)

4- executive support systems (ESS or EIS)

Select ONE of these information systems.  How is it used in your industry – or one you’re interested in?

Select ONE and comment on its usage and value.  Please identify the system you are commenting on in the subject line of your post.

1- Enterprise resource planning

2- Supply chain management

3- Customer relationship management

4- Knowledge management…