MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions


MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions
Many retailers are searching for new ways to improve the customer experience…


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MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

Week 1-7 All Students Posts – 703 Pages


Meet the New Mobile Workers – Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts – 62 Pages


Read the case study: Interactive Session: Management, Meet the New Mobile Workers. We are seeing this trend more every day in our digital society. What kinds of applications are described in this case? What business functions do they support?

In today’s society, mobile devices have become commonplace. In addition to the case study, are these mobile devices for personal entertainment only or can they be used for business purposes?

In today’s evolving work force, technology is a force to be reckoned with.  Most companies are looking for ways which they can improve efficiency and productivity among their workers and a lot of these improvements involves the use of technology which helps us to work smarter and not necessarily harder…

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

Week 2 All Students Posts – 111 Pages


Business Analytics and Business Intelligence – 69 Pages


How much can business intelligence and business analytics help companies refine their business strategies?

Technology plays a key role in Walmart’s supply chain, “its serving as the foundation of their supply chain.” Walmart has the largest information technology infrastructure of any private company in the world. Its network design allows Walmart to accurately forecast demand, track and predict inventory levels, create highly efficient transportation routes, and manage customer relationships and service response logistics.

For example, Walmart implemented the first…

Team Case Analysis – 42 Pages


Team Case Analysis Collaboration. In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

The mobile device is just one aspect of the work and to bring about change, new and or better ways need to be developed to get things done.  Ask how employees can work differently and how will mobile devices make that happen.

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

Week 3 All Students Posts – 105 Pages


Data Migration to an Enterprise System – 68 Pages


Read the interactive session: Management: American Water Keeps Data Flowing. What roles did the end users and information systems specialists play in the systems transformation project?

Has MS Access changed user understanding of databases?  What are some addition ideas to be aware when creating tables?  Does the user have a role in the selection of the database management system?  What type of databases are you using within your organizations and do you believe it can be improved? How can you best use templates for designing a database?...

Team Case Analysis – 37 Pages


In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.  Fair presentation on various companies who were perhaps unable to bring big data to the forefront of their business intelligence systems.

I’ve always known there was tracking but your presentation was enlightening in a sense of just how much. While it can be beneficial in some respects, the downside is relatively nothing is private. There is no real way to get around it either because as stated when you agree to use the product you are also agreeing to the collection of your data. In the instance of the airline, securing the vast amount of information being collected on you can be compromised. It also makes me think of the recent case with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. All of it can be scary and invasive to say the least…

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

Week 4 All Students Posts – 109 Pages


Principal Components of Telecommunications Networks and Key Networking Technologies – 69 Pages


In this discussion we want to answer the question: “What are the principal components of telecommunications networks and key networking technologies?” Let’s begin by describing the features of a simple network.

Some of the largest corporations worldwide have made sure that they get a portion of the internet marketing sector. As many companies are looking for advertising opportunities to a specific market, internet advertising offers some targeting methods that insure that those who see your ads are the ones most likely to buy. Programs like Google’s AdWords and AdSense, Amazon, Netflix matching up advertisers with content that their target market peruses regularly. Forget the costly strategy of newspaper advertisements, coupon advertising, and magazine advertising the internet is the way advertising works these days….

Team Case Analysis Collaboration – 40 Pages


In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

System Analysis and Program Development (SAP) is the go-to company for large corporations in need of increased productivity, increased performance, and business intelligence. SAP ERP deployment and migration will assist management in making informed decisions through the cross-collaboration within their organization. The ERP platform is utilized by companies that seek these remedies mentioned above, along with more efficient costing methods for materials and supplies, as well as improved speeds to accessing cost analysis reports or other critical data. ERP becomes geared towards the four primary business functions of marketing/sales, manufacturing/production, finance/accounting, and human resources. The ERP platform also supports the various levels of management in an organization through its multi-functional capabilities.

Managerial Application Information Technology

Week 5 All Students Posts – 116 Pages


IT Infrastructure – 74 Pages


What is IT infrastructure, and what are the stages and drivers of IT infrastructure evolution? Define IT infrastructure from both a technology and a services perspective.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP for small business vary on the network and cost a small business can afford.  This can make the business more noticeable to the general public and increase revenue and sales, plus add value with customer loyalty:


“Some of the benefits…. VOIP systems often cost less for recurring maintenance than traditional PBX equipment and are easier to configure when applying moves, adds, and changes. Incidentally, there is normally no configuration change required to move an extension in a VOIP network. Many VOIP systems also let you use the Internet for your outbound calling, which can reduce your long distance bill and displace the cost of a PRI or analog trunk circuits for access to the public telephone network. VOIP also enables Unified Messaging, which integrates email, voice mail, IM, and calendaring.


IP phones are more expensive than traditional analog phones and have more stringent requirements for the network to support them than standard email and web surfing. While VOIP systems do generally have a more intuitive interface than traditional PBX equipment, in a company of 20 you’re not likely to see much turnover I would expect.

Team Case Analysis Collaboration – 42 Pages


In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

The FCC’s now abandoned rules also protected your privacy, in that they stopped internet service providers (ISPs) from using your personal information, app usage and browsing history in certain ways—namely, it would have stopped them from sharing it or selling it to a third party unless you, the user, had given express consent.

Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), under whose remit ISPs now fall, does not require a user to affirmatively opt-in to allow ISPs to engage in this sort of behaviour; FTC rules only state that a user has to be able to opt-out. Of course, many don’t realise this, and therefore don’t.

Even worse: a 2016 Court of Appeals decision actually means that the FTC can’t stop ISPs from selling your data at all—even if you opt out of this. The decision essentially means that if an ISP provides a “common carrier” service, such a mobile or fixed-line telephone service, the FTC can’t enforce its laws against any of its services. Most ISPs, of course, also offer phone service, putting them beyond the FTC’s rules.

So Net Neutrality isn’t just about keeping the internet a fair and open place. It’s about protecting your privacy and consumer rights, and if we lose the Net Neutrality rules, we lose a lot of our privacy protections too.

Week 6 All Students Posts – 109 Pages


Project Management – 72 Pages


What are the objectives of project management, and why is it so essential in developing information systems?  What are some of the contrast traditional developments with agile development?  What are the essential roles of the customer/user in agile development environments?

Agile Methodologies have increased importance in the software industry with the recognition that success of the software development of the solutions / systems depends on the capability of the organization to collect and capture knowledge created and shared by software development teams. Agile software development methodology is adaptive in nature rather than being predictive. Agile methods are designed to respond to changing product requirements, and to address volatile business needs along with time and cost constraints (Neves, Rosa, et. al, 2011, p. 308). All Agile methodologies share the same core values of agility and flexibility. Agile methods provide deliverables after each small iterations of normally 2-4 weeks, incrementing in small subsets of prioritized features thereby facilitating collaboration, interaction, trust between software development team and business stakeholders and customers.

Team Case Analysis Collaboration – 37 Pages


In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

It’s always astonishing to see how companies in various industries use these platforms to centralize their processes and increase their efficiency.  The long term benefits of implementing clearly outweighs the initial cost and set up.  Additionally, using one database to support various department functions minimizes data not being updated and creating data pockets in various departments.

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions

Week 7 All Students Posts – 91 Pages


Information Systems Security Threats – 58 Pages


Why are information systems vulnerable to destruction, error, and abuse? What are the most common threats against information systems?

One of the major issues that plague IT departments and organizations is how to keep the end users from being caught in a phishing attacks due to the readily availability of the internet from our PC’s both at work and at home and for a IT organization your main goal is to ensure that you have 100% secure environment due to the information that is handled, exchanged and even transmitted from your firm.  I found a website that discusses this and how to take preventative measures from being taken advantage, their top 5 reasons are as follows:

  1. Be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information
  2. Don’t use the links in an email, instant message, or chat to get to any web page if you suspect the message might not be authentic
  3. Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal financial information
  4. Always ensure that you’re using a secure website when submitting credit card or other sensitive information via your Web browser (https:// and not http://)
  5. Ensure that your browser is up to date and security patches applied including all browser add-ons (java, flash, real player, media player, etc)

What are five digital technology trends that characterize American business today that raise ethical issues for business firms and managers?

Team Case Analysis Collaboration – 33 Pages


In this discussion, you will view the voice threads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

A significant aspect of automating processes includes reducing the cost of personnel to do the work. For example, retail store’s that provide the customer a ‘self-checkout’ lane reduces the number of cashiers needed, which is generally so simple to scan stuff through that I even have my kids swipe barcodes across the reader for me. Home Depot offers the self-checkout, but Lowe’s hasn’t added that technology yet in my area which is a competitive advantage for Home Depot; self-checkouts also offer more privacy and control with purchasing goods. Additionally, automation processing management systems within the health industry also reduce the number of personnel needed for transcription. Business automation optimizes the current procedures as well with the benefit of reducing the time to complete the tasks and ‘freeing up’ time for other essential tasks as well.

MIS535 Threaded Course Discussions