NETW561 You Decide Week 5


NETW561 You Decide Week 5
GenMax is a large package delivery service company. While the company was once an in…

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NETW561 You Decide Week 5

NETW561 You Decide Week 5

A large package delivery service company A+

GenMax is a large package delivery service company. While the company was once an industry leader with more than 30% market share, you now see that lead declining to 27% and continuing to slide. Your nearest competitor has gained ground and is now at 25% market share. The CEA has asked you to develop a strategy to regain market share and industry leadership. You have decided on the strategy of installing a real-time tracking system on the trucks, so that drivers can report the exact moment when a package is picked up and delivered. This information can then be made available to end-users through the website. The GenMax IT department has already selected the application that will be used for this project. The application is called ALLTRACK and is provided by an outside third-party supplier. Your team will pick a wireless transport technology and a wireless carrier to run the application.

Your Role

As telecommunications manager, your group is responsible for picking and implementing all wireless communications systems for GenMax. Your job for this project is to lead a team that will recommend to management a wireless data solution for implementing the ALLTRACK system. Your team will develop the budget, design the system, and put together an implementation plan for the solution. In your position, you must ensure that all departments agree with the solution. Since your group is also responsible for implementing the solution picked, your group will also have to make sure that all groups that are going to use the solution are comfortable with it and have no problems using it. You are the key player. You are the liaison to upper management. The ALLTRACK vendor says that their application will run on either GSM or CDMA. Since you also want a national wireless carrier, you will only consider Sprint/Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile.

Your first assignment will be to decide if you want to use GSM or CDMA. After you make this decision, you will decide which data transport technology to use. Once you have picked the data transport technology, you will have to pick a national wireless carrier. Following these discussions, you will need to lay out an implementation plan. Finally, you will put together a report for the CEA covering the above challenges and recommend how you will meet the threat of declining market share.


Write a brief report to the CEO addressing each of the bullet points below. Each section should be approximately two paragraphs in length (no more than 450 words total).

Provide a high-level financial business plan evaluating the different carriers. Make a carrier recommendation based on the financials and any qualitative differences, such as quality and/or coverage.

Sketch out a preliminary implementation plan. You do not need full details about who will do what parts, but you should put together a list of action items and steps necessary to implement and test the entire service.

Write a brief summary addressing how the organization should handle the reality that data speeds will increase over the next few years. Discuss whether the solution should stay with the transport chosen or migrate to faster technologies as they become available.


The U.S. is served by a number of wireless telecommunication carriers among them being Sprint/Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile.  Verizon is the largest wireless operator in the U.S and it also has a strongest balance sheet resell (Sarkar, Cavusgil & Aulakh, 1999).  AT&T is the second-largest provider, and it controls…