NETW562 Wireless Devices Application


NETW562 Wireless Devices Application
The greatest value in a course such as Wireless Devices and Applications (WDA) comes from…


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NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

A+ Entire Course: Course Project Week 4, 7| Homework Week 2, 6| Quiz Week 3| Discussions Week 1-7| Final Exam

Course Project Adopting a Mobile Application for Photography Businesses


The greatest value in a course such as Wireless Devices and Applications (WDA) comes from applying the concepts, theories, applications, and devices explored during class. This term project gives you an opportunity to select a topic that interests you and apply concepts from readings, exercises, current devices, and class discussions. The Course Project allows you to apply the tools from the course to assess a problem, diagnose its sources, and recommend a course of action. In developing the project, assume that your manager has requested a thorough analysis and a recommended course of action for a problem that could be resolved by a wireless application. Some examples are a deployment plan for WDAs, a recommendation for specific mobile wireless solutions, or a marketing plan for a new mobile application. Think of yourself as a consultant. Tackle a WDA problem in a specific organization of interest to you.


  • 14-16 pages double spaced excluding cover sheet, table of contents, appendices, and references
  • 11-point Times Roman font
  • 1 inch margins
  • You may use the format listed below or one of the formats from the official style guides: Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook, 6th edition, by Anthony C. Winkler and Jo Ray McCuen or The Business Student Writers Manual and Guide to the Internet. Plan to use the Q & A forum to post questions and solicit feedback
  • Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University recommends all graduate students purchase and make use of the official style guide entitled, Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook, 6th edition, by Anthony C. Winkler and Jo Ray McCuen (ISBN 1413001785). This handbook includes information on the APA style. Students who have purchased the University’s previous official style guide entitled The Business Student Writers Manual and Guide to the Internet, by Thomas P. Bergman, Stephen M. Garrison, and Gregory M. Scott, will NOT be required to purchase another style guide.
  • Write a paper in which you introduce the issue, define the problem, search the literature, analyze the problem, offer possible solutions, propose a single solution, develop an implementation plan, and justify why and how your solution will solve the identified problem


  • Introduction First Draft – Due Week 4
  • Problem Statement – Due Week 4
  • Final Paper – Due Week 7

Preview Week 4

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the various advantages of adopting a mobile application for photography businesses. A photography firm offers services ranging from in-house photoshoot to event coverage. This paper aims to demonstrate how a mobile application could provide….

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

Preview Week 7

A mobile application is defined as a software application that was created and developed to run on wireless computing devices, including smartphones and tablets (Rouse, 2013). Because of the rapidly growing industry, mobile applications have merited…

Mobile Phone Application Homework Week 2

Using the following guidelines, write a 2,000-word paper on one mobile phone application (ring tones download, game, location application, etc.). Within your paper, provide a technical description of the application, the business model related to collection of revenues, and an analysis as to why your selected application and its business model are a good match in today’s mobile environment.


A mobile phone application is a software program that allows users to perform specific tasks using their mobile phones.  WhatsApp messenger is an instant messaging application that allows smartphone users to exchange text, audio, video, and image messages for free on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia smartphones.  Apart from instant…

Quiz Week 3

(TCO A) Explain the differences between cellular/PCS communications, 802.11 technologies, Bluetooth, and cordless phones. (Points : 15)

(TCO A) Explain how a wireless handset receives a call. (Points : 15)

(TCO B) Give three examples of how mobile phones have benefited from advances in power consumption, memory, and better processors. (Points : 15)

(TCO B) Assuming that young people put a strong emphasis on personalization, how do mobile phone manufacturers and service providers appeal to the youth market? (Points : 15)

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

WDA Business Model Homework Week 6

Using the following guidelines, write a 2,000-word paper comparing the WDA business models used by Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T Wireless. Within your paper, compare the business models related to collection of revenues and provide similarities and differences among the service providers. Does the approach change depending on the WDA? Is the model consistent across the industry? How does the model change with third party applications from service provider-selected applications? You will have to do some research and I would recommend that you visit or call a marketing individual within each organization to help with your questions.


Wireless service providers now have come a long way from their days in the past.  Sprint, AT & T and Verizon are three well-known carriers for mobile phones in the USA.  In the advent of technology, these three big companies are thriving to keep abreast with the advancement of technology such as in the…

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 277 Pages

Mobile Technologies and Disruptive Technologies Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 43 Pages

Mobile Technologies – 22 Pages 

Each mobile carrier promises the same thing: fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, cheapest rates. What are the technological differences between the carriers? Are certain technologies superior to others?

Disruptive Technologies – 21 Pages 

What is a “disruptive technology?” Give some examples of your experience with disruptive technologies. As a starting point, do some research on the writings by the father of this topic, Clayton Christensen.

MVNOs and WDA Penetration Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 39 Pages

MVNOs – 21 Pages 

Research and give some examples of MVNOs. What are they? What market do they target?

WDA Penetration – 18 Pages 

Identify the top markets (geographic) for WDAs. In addition to naming them, provide the statistics (where available) showing the market acceptance (usage) of WDAs. You will have to do some digging for this, but don’t despair just have fun with it.

Trends for WDAs and Mobile Payment System Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 39 Pages

Trends for WDAs – 20 Pages 

What are the trends impacting WDAs? What are the markets forces driving these trends?  What are some examples of mobile e-commerce?

Mobile Payment System – 19 Pages 

Take a look at some of the mobile payment systems out there. Which ones are available in the U.S. and which ones do you see as having potential growth for U.S. markets? Why is the Edy Card mostly still in Japan even with an investment by Intel?  Do you trust paying with a mobile app? Why or Why not? Do you use a Mobile app on your phone to manage your Bank account?

Mobile e-Commerce and Consumer Applications Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 34 Pages

Mobile e-Commerce – 19 Pages 

What are some examples of mobile eCommerce? Do you see this trend driving the mobile phone market?  “Given a business scenario, explain how deploying WDA can be used for strategic advantage and explain the relationship between information systems, organizations, and business processes. Is this technology just another fad or could this be the “silver bullet” application that allows access to the masses? In the context of Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm,” has the beachhead been reached or is it still out there?”

Consumer Applications – 15 Pages 

What mobile applications are you using? Were the applications the deciding factors in your purchase of mobile service?
Have location-based applications changed consumer behavior? Do you see these applications changing consumer shopping habits now or in the future?

Deployment and Business Applications Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 40 Pages

Deployment and – 20 Pages 

List and define in detail some of the challenges and solutions to the deployment of WDAs in the enterprise.  “Given a high-level description of corporate information systems, evaluate the issues involved with effectively managing wireless system assets, resources and processes (hardware and software). How do they integrate within or outside of the corporate IT infrastructure?”

And “Given a business scenario that requires a wireless systems solution, analyze the applicability of potential improvements.”

Business Applications – 20 Pages 

Research the use of WDAs as corporate tools, specifically in the context of Stages 1 – 3 that Funk references in the Mobile Disruption text. Provide examples (Web references) of companies that are utilizing WDAs as a strategic advantage.
Discuss how wireless applications have changed sales in the context of taking orders, confirming inventory, etc.

Service Providers as Marketers and Smart Cards Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 42 Pages

Service Providers as Marketers – 21 Pages

When looking at the enormity of changes brought about by WDAs, do the service providers (AT&T Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile) remain just as providers of mobile services, or do they morph into something much more than that by helping to market not only WDAs, but the services and applications surrounding the WDAs? Take a look around and see what the service providers are doing in this regard.

Smart Cards – 21 Pages 

Are smart cards and non-contact smart cards disruptive technologies? Explain why or why not. What types of smart cards exist? How are these cards used in the U.S.? What about in Europe? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these cards?

Changing Role of the Service Provider and Future of WDAs Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 40 Pages

Changing Role of the Service Provider – 21 Pages

Given the disruptive aspect of WDAs, how have carriers reacted to this change and what roles have changed for the carriers? For example, have they gotten into new services, like financial services, LBS, music downloads, etc.? To use an overused phrase, “we’re not your father’s phone company,” do you think it is true or are service providers still just carriers?

Future of WDAs – 19 Pages 

Research the future of WDAs. What are the emerging trends in the U.S.? How do you think these changes will impact the market? What type of growth potential do you envision for WDAs? Do you think WDAs are still expanding or have they reached a plateau?

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application

Final Exam

(TCO A) Explain how a wireless handset initiates a call.

When a mobile phone is powered up, it registers, or identifies itself to a base station. Information about a phone such as the…

(TCO B) Give an example of a mobile marketing campaign utilizing a mobile wireless application. How does the campaign capitalize on the mobile factor?

Mobile Marketing is just another way of reaching out to target consumers via mobile devices and…

(TCO B) List and explain three prominent applications of WDAs, and the markets where they are used.

I-MODE – iMode was the original mobile data technology. iMode mobile Internet technology was introduced in Japan in…

(TCO C) Explain the effects of J2ME and BREW on mobile application development.

BREW and J2ME are intended to provide a standard protocol for downloading executable applications to…

(TCO C) What role can Java play in enhancing the mobile shopping experience?

Java reduces the cost of downloading and developing moving images that are written in HTML because….

(TCO D) Discuss why a company would deploy WDAs versus laptops.

A mobility increase production in most enterprise but the same doesn’t apply to others due to some…

(TCO D) Describe 2 challenges of managing mobile devices in the enterprise.

Two key challenges IT department faces in managing Mobile device in an enterprise are: Mobile applications compatibilities and…

(TCO E) Give 3 reasons why WDAs pose a security risk when used on corporate intranets?

Three of these reasons are that passwords are not always…

(TCO F) What are the issues faced when designing mobile device hardware, e.g. handsets, PDAs for the mobile workplace?

Mobile Intranet services may represent the largest potential market for Internet-compatible phones. As firms build and…

(TCO F) What trends are taking place that make wireless handsets more usable for currency, tickets, or “mobile wallets”?

Phones represent a new form of money and ticket that will continue to reduce the importance of physical cash and…

(TCO G) Define OTA and describe what impact it will have upon the development and deployment of WDAs.

An OTA update, or over-the-air update, is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and…

(TCO G) Explain how 3G networks and a dual mode mobile handset (Wi-Fi and CDMA) are potential disrupters for wireless companies such as Verizon or Sprint.

3G networks and dual mode mobile handsets can disrupt wireless companies’ wireless networking performance because…

NETW562 Wireless Devices Application