PA 600 Course Project Week 8


PA 600 Course Project Week 8
Identify the unmet needs that you want to address with your P-Plan and program..

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PA 600 Course Project Week 8

PA 600 Course Project Week 8

Modern Technology in Public Health 

31 PowerPoint Slides

Oral Presentation (due in Week 8)

Written PlanPossible PointsEarned PointsInstructions for Completing Plan
Oral Presentation (due in Week 8) This part of the P-Plan is worth 200 points. The Presentation will be delivered live or recorded per your instructor.
Mission Statement15The mission statement must be short, clear, and concise. It must state the purpose of your organization, i.e., why it exists. It will provide guidance to the organization and its missions, goals, objectives, and the overall P-Plan.
Statement of Need15Identify the unmet needs that you want to address with your P-Plan and program. Refer to authoritative surveys, external sources, demographic information, pertinent statistics, interviews of noted experts in your P-Plan. The needs assessment should stand by itself so that it clearly and convincingly documents the needs your program intends to meet.
Goals and Objectives15Goals must be tied closely to the mission and vision statements of your organization and are more general in nature.

Objectives must be more specific and need to be written so that they are measurable.

Show how you have focused on mission, goals and objectives by justifying how the goals relate to the mission, and how the objectives relate to the mission and goals. Quantify each of the objectives and tie them to the related goals. Explain convincingly how the attainment of objectives will promote goal achievement and mission accomplishment.

What part of the P-Plan do you think would be most challenging to implement or put in place?30Provide an analysis of risks and challenges associated with the most important initiatives in the plan. Explain which initiative is the most risky and challenging and the consequences of not implementing it. Quantify these challenges as much as possible. State your alternative strategy in the event the organization encounters implementation issues.
What gaps in the current system does your P-Plan hope to address?30Identify, explain, and document the status of the existing system. Use authoritative sources and statistics to illustrate. Then, identify, explain, and document the way the system should be. Identify the gaps between the current and proposed system, and explain how the P-land addresses the gaps.
If you found a billionaire donor and money was no object, how would you change or expand your P-Plan?30Dream a lot! Explain how this additional funding would impact/change mission, goals, objectives, workload, outcomes, and the overall P-Plan.
Presentation consists of no more than 10 slides15Use slides frequently, but no more than 10.
Presenters seem knowledgeable about the P-Plan and its components30Talk about personal and pertinent work experiences that relate to the P-Plan. Refer to conversations in the team café that relate to developing the key parts of the plan. If a member(s) of the team have written articles, provided speeches, written books,etc.,this information should be shared in the presentation.
Presenters demonstrate the use of outside sources, including peer-reviewed articles20Use outside sources, e.g., experts, periodicals, books, lectures, videos, etc., that document or support the unmet needs the plan is addressing, and the mission, goals, objectives, funding and planning strategies.