PA 600 Course Project


PA 600 Course Project
PA600 is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives you have…

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PA 600 Course Project

PA 600 Course Project


Modern Technology in Public Health Week 2, 5, 7, 8

Please use this outline and grading package as a guide to write your Keller PA600 P-Plan project. Your faculty member will use it as a grading guide as well. This package is meant to provide very specific direction to the important elements of the P-Plan as practiced in Keller’s MPA Capstone course. While it serves as a general topic outline for our plans, each plan will vary somewhat from this structure.

PA600 is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives you have studied and learned at Keller. This P-Plan assignment will challenge you to practice the concepts you have learned in your MPA program. To that end, your team is challenged to develop a plan that brings in real world understanding and information. As a team, you will research your chosen marketplace, and use realistic and real-world information for the foundation of your plan. You will demonstrate that your concepts have been researched and are viable by using and implementing primary research in your plan.

The plan outline and key questions to be answered are supplied in this guide. If you follow the outline here, as well as do the readings in your textbook, and use the lecture and tutorial guidelines, you will be on your way to creating a viable and exciting P-Plan. Please review this document and refer to it throughout the term. Importantly, you should allow the grading rubric to somewhat organize your plan, so that your faculty member will have at his or her fingertips, the needed information in an organized fashion, to allow your team to achieve the most points possible. However, do not take a “cook-book” approach to this Plan, because no two Plans will (or should) be alike. Depending upon your organization (whether it’s nonprofit, governmental, or public health), you will have to follow the plan with an eye and ear toward your organization’s needs. Your faculty member, an expert in the public administration arena, understands this fact. So, do not be concerned if your organization seems unique, because that’s a good thing! There are four components to the Capstone Project (also known as the P-Plan). The four components are:

  • P-Plan Proposal (due in Week 2)
  • Summary Document (due in Week 5)
  • P-Plan (due in Week 7)
  • Oral Presentation (due in Week 8)

PA 600 Course Project

Course Project Week 2

Preview: We decided to make public health administration the focus of our project due to its great importance, particularly in promoting public health, safety and wellness through the prevention…

  • Provide information on our selected topic for the P–plan
  • Relevance of the project
  • Issues the project will address
  • Stakeholders of the project

Speaker Notes Included

PA 600 Course Project

Course Project Week 5

A+ Preview: The targeted audience for the P-plan includes grantors, donors, government committees and agencies, rural and community hospitals, and the…

Course Project Week 7

A+ Preview: 28 Pages–Medical technology advancements have enabled healthcare professionals to improve the diagnosis and treatment they provide patients.  As such, it is clear that technology plays an important role in healthcare.  It leads to many lives being saved and…

Course Project Week 8

A+ 31 PowerPoint Slides


  • Electronic health records
  • Geo-spatial applications
  • Computer-driven modeling
  • Mobile technology

Modern technology capabilities must be provided to rural and community health centers…

Oral Presentation (due in Week 8)

PA 600 Course Project