PM 598 Course Project


PM 598 Course Project 
Course Project Part 1 Assignment: Project Part 1 (PP1) entails completing….

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PM 598 Course Project 

PM 598 Course Project


Project Part 1

Assignment: Project Part 1 (PP1) entails completing a Request for Proposal (RFP). You may select one of the below procurement cases or use one of your own appropriate procurement cases as the basis for creating an RFP….

Project Part 2

Assignment: Project Part 2 covers all TCOs for this course.  In this assignment, you will be required to identify an opportunity through and follow the instructions, which are located in the Doc Sharing section….

Part 1 Week 4 – 21 Pages


1.2.What Must Be Included with Bid

All proposals must include description of the methodology or the approach to be undertaken, project timeline and deliverables at each phase of the project. The technical specification of the system to be used will also be required, as well as qualifications of the team who will be handling the project.  In addition, the bid should also include the project cost with a breakdown in terms of the various project milestones.  Finally, to facilitate assessment of the bidder’s qualifications, a list of bidder’s portfolio, client references, certifications, and others pertinent information must be submitted along with the proposal.

Schedule of Bid Period Activities

Proposals or bids may be emailed to and must be received no later than 5:00 PM of June 30, 2014.  Strict compliance to this deadline is required as late submissions will not be considered.  The awarding of the contract will be held on August 1, 2014.  All participating bidders will…

Part 2 Week 7 – 19 Pages


Dear Ms. Shilke:

Our company, Bytes and Sounds, Inc. (BSI), would like to make an offer to supply and install your audio visual equipment as noted from your Request for Proposal (Solicitation No.: R13PS30238).

BSI has over 20 years of experience in the field of audio-visuals. We are a major distributor of known brands of audio-visual equipment, and provide installation services through our highly trained technicians. We have a wide range of audio-visual systems that you can choose from. Our expert technicians are very dependable to help you select the…