PM 598 Discussions Week 1-7


PM 598 Discussions Week 1-7 
Given a claim on a major contract, analyze the role of commercial terms…

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PM 598 Discussions Week 1-7 

PM 598 Discussions Week 1-7

All Students Posts 576 Pages

Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 79 Pages

Procurement Process – 39 Pages

What experience do you have in procurement? In the PMBOK® Guide, we find a four-process method to performing procurement in an organization. Is this overall process used at your place of business?  How are procurements performed at your place of business?  P Cards are very interesting tools.  Have you ever heard of one mis-using a P Card? I know that many companies avoid using them because they feel that people will abuse them or use them incorrectly.  I am not sure I agree with that thinking but I have seen it.  Do you feel that being part of the process helps the overall organization?  What do you think?  Do you feel that we tend to over plan things in projects?…

Roles and Responsibilities – 40 Pages

In the procurement process, the roles and responsibilities of the project team members need to be delineated to ensure proper contract performance. Where and how does your organization separate the roles of a contract manager, project manager, and other project team members? Why is this so important to a successful project?  Should the role of contract manager be rolled into that of a project manager? What about for a small project?  Do you feel that there would be enough work for a contract manager?  What do you think? What should the role of a project manager be in the overall process of procurement?…

Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 95 Pages

Make-or-Buy – 48 Pages

The plan procurement process from the PMBOK ® Guide really begins with a make-or-buy decision. What are some things an organization should take into account during a make-or-buy decision? Why are these important? Under what situations should an organization make or supply a service itself versus buying it? What are your thoughts about losing the in-house expertise that one might have by buying instead of making? Is cost the most important concern when performing a make-or-buy decision? Why or why not? What other aspects should a company consider? Should proprietary issues, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, be considered when making a make-or-buy decision?…

Procurement SOW – 47 Pages

One of the most important outputs from the plan procurement process is the procurement statement of work (SOW). Who should write the SOW? How detailed should it be? Why is this important? What role does the project manager play in the creation of the procurement SOW? How does the Project Manager know that the SOW is clear and complete?  What should the project manager do to make sure that it is clear and complete?  What are terms and conditions? What role do they play in a contract?…

Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 82 Pages

Contract Types – 44 Pages

Using alternatives specified in the PMBOK® Guide, discuss what kind of contract pricing might be best for the following procurement situations. Arrange to select a topic “round-robin style” so that you select the next topic that has not already been discussed. Which of these topics are better served using one of these contract vehicles: Fixed Price, Cost Plus (Cost Reimbursable), or Time & Material contracts? Be sure to define each of these contracts before aligning a topic.

  1. Adding a room to your home
  2. Landscaping your company’s grounds
  3. Developing a new software module
  4. Purchasing new desktop computers
  5. Conducting a survey of employee attitudes
  6. To hire a general contractor to do the entire project
  7. Purchasing a new car for a project
  8. Leasing a new car for a project
  9. Leasing an temporary office for the project team
  10. Contracting for office supplies
  11. to augment the project team with an additional administrative assistant
  12. Contracting for a new roof for a home
  13. Purchasing of a new cell phone and a service plan for the project team
  14. Contracting for new windows for an office building
  15. Contracting for new car insurance for the project vehicles
  16. Purchasing a new air conditioner/heater (HVAC system) for a business
  17. To hire consultants to consult on a key area of the project
  18. To hire a product designer to improve the final design of the project

For which of these examples would incentives be a viable option? What terms and conditions would you like to see in a contract from the buyer’s perspective? Would you consider a fixed price per response for a survey of employee attitudes?  Why or why not?…

Plan Contracting – 38 Pages

We have now studied the plan contracting process. We have explored the procurement SOW and various types of contracts. Think back to past events in which you or your organization entered into a contract. Were the contract statement of work, whether verbal or written, and the type of contract aligned? Was your plan or your organization’s plan aligned with where it should have been? What have you learned so far about contracting that could apply to your workplace? Describe how proper planning of contracting might have changed the outcome of past events associated with contracts. Do you feel that one can have too much planning?  How does a good SOW set a good future relationship between a buyer and a seller?…

Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 92 Pages

Best Practices – 41 Pages

Class: In Chapter 9 of our World Class Contracting text, the section Best Practices: 45 Actions to Improve Results, lists 45 actions to improve results in the contract award phase. Pick a few of these best practices that you have seen that were successful in action and share your experiences with the class. Comment on the choices of your classmates to discover other best practices that might be useful to you in contract negotiations. Discuss and explain which best practice you have found to be the most important or the most useful to you in the past. Which best practice do you feel is the most important? Do you think that best practices are situational, or are they applicable to any situation? Can you think of any other universal best practices?  What do others think? However, could you give an example of a situation where someone might just care about the lowest price?…

Source Selection – 51 Pages

Class: Read the Peach Computer Company case found in the Case Study area of Doc Sharing, and discuss the following. What are the main issues in the case, and how would you begin to resolve them using some of the concepts we have discussed in class? What alternatives are available to resolve the issues? What type of contract incentive(s) could you adopt to make this case more successful and why? Provide an analysis of the four bidders. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each supplier? Which bidder would you select and why? What factors should be considered or addressed in the implementation? How would you implement your recommendation? Do you feel that company politics would have an impact on the selection of the supplier? What internal politics might shape the supplier selected? Do you think that reputation would be enough?  What if you found out that some people liked the project manager, and some people did not?  What then?…

Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 77 Pages

Contract and Negotiations Best Practices – 38 Pages

Table 9-2 on page 154 in your textbook is a handy reference to use if you are ever confronted by an experienced negotiator. Let’s talk about these tactics and how we can counter them. Select one of the tactics from the table and discuss your thoughts and experiences. How do you go about planning for negotiations in order to avoid these tactics? Which best practice do you feel is the most important? Do you think that negotiation best practices are situational? Do you feel that it is always realistic to try to achieve win-win?  If the buyer wants the lowest price and the seller wants the highest price, does that not set up a win-lose situation?  What do you think?  What do others think?…

Negotiation Exercise Case Study – 39 Pages

Read and review the BBC vs. Info R Us Case located in Doc Sharing; let’s discuss the following questions. What if Bennie ignores Dan’s recommendations during the negotiation with the BBC? How does this relate to what you learned in the negotiating assignment? What risks exist for Dan at this point? How does this relate to what you learned in our negotiating assignment? Also, consider if you have been in a similar situation and how you handled the situation. Did you use any of the best practices discussed this week in that negotiation? Do you feel that company politics will shape this negotiation? What would you think of the different positions of Dan and Bennie if you were to find out that the company makes more money on change orders than on the bid price?  What does that do to the negotiation and the position that they should take?  What do others think about this?…

Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 79 Pages

Controlling Procurements – 40 Pages

We are nearing the end of our study of procurement. Here are a number of questions to see what you have learned about the overall process and about control procurements in particular.

  • Which type of contract requires the least contract administration during control procurement phase? Which type requires the most? Why?
  • Why is it commonly difficult to get work finished under a firm fixed-price contract?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to get the seller to complete work under a cost plus contract?
  • What can be done to induce fixed-price contractors to become more responsive?
  • What other types of strategies can be employed to induce contractors to finish the work on time?
  • How does risk relate to getting the final work completed?

Can you name some different positive incentives that you have seen used effectively to conclude a project? How is a level of effort contract different?  The price paid seems to be the same in the end.  And if the government does not have the right to audit the books of the contractor, how are they to know what was the real level of effort? If they do not use a fixed price contract, what do they typically do? What about a contingency plan in case the supplier does not deliver?  What happens with that risk?…

World Class PMO – 39 Pages

More and more companies are using the project-management discipline, internally and externally, to provide a highly focused, integrated, multifunctional solution that meets or exceeds their customers’ expectations. Project managers and CMs are working side by side to make this happen in world-class organizations. Take a look at the project management maturity model described in Chapter 13 of our World Class Contracting text.

  • How do you imagine project management might aid or detract from the contract negotiating process, depending on how mature the process is within the organization?
  • How far along has your company come in terms of the project management maturity model, and how does it aid the negotiating process? Do you have any experiences to share? Do you believe that your company will ever have a project management maturity model?
  • How do you see project management continuing to aid the contract process? What are truly world-class companies doing differently in terms of buying and selling to stay ahead of the competition?
  • Do you feel that organizations would benefit from using a project management maturity model?

What are the various types of PMOs and how do they influence an organization? Do you believe that it is more expensive to run a world-class PMO than to run another type of organization? Do you think that those experienced people bring more value to the organization or are the just more expensive without more value? Why would training be so important to a world-class PMO?…

Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 72 Pages

Uniform Commercial Code – 39 Pages

TCO H is as follows: Given a claim on a major contract, analyze the role of commercial terms and conditions, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and applicable government regulations on the outcome. Assume that you are a seller, and the buyer makes a claim on a major contract that you oversee. Let’s discuss the following aspects of the UCC.  First, how might commercial terms and conditions impact the outcome? Second, analyze the potential role of the UCC on the outcome. Third, what role might applicable government regulations play on the outcome? Fourth, if the agreement is silent on a topic, how might the UCC protect each party? Also, consider why the Uniform Commercial Code exists. Is it important? How does it affect commerce? What is the maximum amount for a forcible verbal agreement? Is the UCC a state law?  Does it apply equally in all states?  Do a little research and let me know. If the UCC is state law, then what about case law?  How does that impact the UCC?…

Lessons Learned – 33 Pages

Based on our discussions, please offer some ideas on how you will apply the knowledge from this class to assist with future projects. Then, name some people, whether in public, business, or private life, whom you would like to advise on their procurement or contracting management style. What are some of the issues you would like to address, and how might they benefit from some of the ideas in the class? What specifically would you suggest? Comment on the ideas of your classmates to help them develop their ideas. What was the most important single thing you will take away from this class?…

PM 598 Discussions Week 1-7