PM598 Discussions Week 3


PM598 Discussions Week 3
Using alternatives specified in the PMBOK® Guide, discuss what kind of contract…

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PM598 Discussions Week 3

PM598 Discussions Week 3

Week 3 All Students Posts 82 Pages

Contract Types – 44 Pages 

Using alternatives specified in the PMBOK® Guide, discuss what kind of contract pricing might be best for the following procurement situations. Arrange to select a topic “round-robin style” so that you select the next topic that has not already been discussed. Which of these topics are better served using one of these contract vehicles: Fixed Price, Cost Plus (Cost Reimbursable), or Time & Material contracts? Be sure to define each of these contracts before aligning a topic.

  1. Adding a room to your home
  2. Landscaping your company’s grounds
  3. Developing a new software module
  4. Purchasing new desktop computers
  5. Conducting a survey of employee attitudes
  6. To hire a general contractor to do the entire project
  7. Purchasing a new car for a project
  8. Leasing a new car for a project
  9. Leasing an temporary office for the project team
  10. Contracting for office supplies
  11. to augment the project team with an additional administrative assistant
  12. Contracting for a new roof for a home
  13. Purchasing of a new cell phone and a service plan for the project team
  14. Contracting for new windows for an office building
  15. Contracting for new car insurance for the project vehicles
  16. Purchasing a new air conditioner/heater (HVAC system) for a business
  17. To hire consultants to consult on a key area of the project
  18. To hire a product designer to improve the final design of the project

For which of these examples would incentives be a viable option? What terms and conditions would you like to see in a contract from the buyer’s perspective? Would you consider a fixed price per response for a survey of employee attitudes?  Why or why not?…

Plan Contracting – 38 Pages 

We have now studied the plan contracting process. We have explored the procurement SOW and various types of contracts. Think back to past events in which you or your organization entered into a contract. Were the contract statement of work, whether verbal or written, and the type of contract aligned? Was your plan or your organization’s plan aligned with where it should have been? What have you learned so far about contracting that could apply to your workplace? Describe how proper planning of contracting might have changed the outcome of past events associated with contracts. Do you feel that one can have too much planning?  How does a good SOW set a good future relationship between a buyer and a seller?…