PM598 Discussions Week 6


PM598 Discussions Week 6
Which type of contract requires the least contract administration during control procurement…

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PM598 Discussions Week 6

PM598 Discussions Week 6

Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 79 Pages 

Controlling Procurement – 40 Pages 

We are nearing the end of our study of procurement. Here are a number of questions to see what you have learned about the overall process and about control procurements in particular.

  • Which type of contract requires the least contract administration during control procurement phase? Which type requires the most? Why?
  • Why is it commonly difficult to get work finished under a firm fixed-price contract?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to get the seller to complete work under a cost plus contract?
  • What can be done to induce fixed-price contractors to become more responsive?
  • What other types of strategies can be employed to induce contractors to finish the work on time?
  • How does risk relate to getting the final work completed?

Can you name some different positive incentives that you have seen used effectively to conclude a project? How is a level of effort contract different?  The price paid seems to be the same in the end.  And if the government does not have the right to audit the books of the contractor, how are they to know what was the real level of effort? If they do not use a fixed price contract, what do they typically do? What about a contingency plan in case the supplier does not deliver?  What happens with that risk?…

World Class PMO – 39 Pages 

More and more companies are using the project-management discipline, internally and externally, to provide a highly focused, integrated, multifunctional solution that meets or exceeds their customers’ expectations. Project managers and CMs are working side by side to make this happen in world-class organizations. Take a look at the project management maturity model described in Chapter 13 of our World Class Contracting text.

  • How do you imagine project management might aid or detract from the contract negotiating process, depending on how mature the process is within the organization?
  • How far along has your company come in terms of the project management maturity model, and how does it aid the negotiating process? Do you have any experiences to share? Do you believe that your company will ever have a project management maturity model?
  • How do you see project management continuing to aid the contract process? What are truly world-class companies doing differently in terms of buying and selling to stay ahead of the competition?
  • Do you feel that organizations would benefit from using a project management maturity model?

What are the various types of PMOs and how do they influence an organization? Do you believe that it is more expensive to run a world-class PMO than to run another type of organization? Do you think that those experienced people bring more value to the organization or are the just more expensive without more value? Why would training be so important to a world-class PMO?…