SCI228 Discussions Week 1


SCI228 Discussions Week 1
Would the digestive process be different if we had only vegetables (vegetarian sandwich) instead of the ham…


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SCI228 Discussions Week 1

SCI228 Discussions Week 1

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The Digestive System – 68 Pages

Imagine yourself eating a ham and cheese sandwich. What steps take place with regard to digesting the sandwich?

  1. a) Make sure that the students can distinguish between mechanical and chemical digestion.
    b) What role does HCL play with regard to protein digestion and bacteria?
    c) What are the roles of the small and large intestines?

Would the digestive process be different if we had only vegetables (vegetarian sandwich) instead of the ham one? One component of saliva is amylase, an enzyme that starts the process of carbohydrates digestion in the mouth. Explain: What are enzymes?…

Alright, off we go! Let’s start by discussing the anatomical parts involved in digestion and the biochemical processes that occur with those anatomical parts. Does anyone have any experience with probiotics? Even if not, what are your thoughts after reading the information? What is the role of accessory organs in the GI system?  What does “accessory organ” mean?  What are some examples and what is their role?…

Food Safety & Technology – 68 Pages

What does food safety and technology have to do with me?

  1. a) Food spoilage. How and why does it occur?
    b) What are the four most important things when it comes to food safety?
    c) Define organic foods and the process involved with becoming a certified organic farm.

Why does food get spoiled and what must we do to ensure food safety? Do you know about what percent of food is actually tested by FDA? What is cross contamination and how can we avoid these? What are some of the problems associated with cross contamination? Any examples from either your kitchen or a grocery store?…

This is usually a pretty interesting topic and we can keep it very relevant to what’s going on around us. Let’s start with why you would think the US is concerned with food safety – or are we? Discuss! What exactly is a food-borne illness? How does food spoil? What makes processed foods less susceptible to spoiling? What are food additives, preservatives, and pesticides and how do they influence food safety? Is it important to you to buy organic? If so, why? If not, why? Do you buy certain organic things and other things non-organic?…