SEC360 Quiz Week 7


SEC360 Quiz Week 7
(TCO 13) Which form of malware contains hidden and malicious functions

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SEC360 Quiz Week 7

SEC360 Quiz Week 7


(TCO 10) A digital signature provides verification of _____ and _____.

Sender reliability, message integrity

Message authenticity, message integrity

Message integrity, sender authenticity

Message authenticity, sender integrity

Message reliability, message integrity

(TCO 10) Computers are _____, and at some point a random number generator becomes _____.

Periodic, deterministic

Deterministic, periodic

Pseudorandom, deterministic

Deterministic, pseudorandom

Random, deterministic

(TCO 11) A packet filter that keeps track of the state of a connection is called a _____.

stateful inspection firewall

stateful inspection filter

stateful inspection router

stateful inspection bridge

stateful inspection gateway

(TCO 11) A Layer 2 firewall is also called a(n) _____.

Packet-filtering router

Bastion host

Packet-filtering bridge

Application-level gateway

Circuit-level gateway

(TCO 12) Modern intrusion detection systems act as sensors for hosts and network devices and work in a centrally controlled distributed fashion using _____.


Remote procedure calls

Agent technology

Common interfaces

Access to local audit records

(TCO 12) A decoy used to lure intruders into staying around is called a(n) _____.





Mug of ale

(TCO 12) What are the two major classifications of potential intruders into a network?

Foreign and domestic

Outside and inside

Domestic and international

Anonymous and contracted

None of the above

(TCO 13) Which form of malware is independent of the operating system and replicating?

Trap door




Logic bomb

(TCO 13) In which system life cycle phase should security policy be established?

Test and evaluation

Operations and maintenance

Requirements definition



(TCO 13) Which form of malware contains hidden and malicious functions disguised as a utility program that performs useful work?

Trap door



Trojan horse

Logic bomb