SEC 360 Data Privacy Security Entire Course DeVry NEW

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SEC 360 Data Privacy Security Entire Course DeVry NEW

SEC 360 Data Privacy & Security Entire Course DeVry NEW

A+ You Decide Week 2, 6| Report Week 5| Quiz Week 1, 3, 5, 7| Discussions Week 1-7

SEC 360 You Decide Paper Week 2 DeVry

Scenario, Your Role, Key Players

Sunshine Machine Works has expanded its infrastructure. When they started there were just three computers, and ten employees. Now there are over 100 employees and their network will have fifty computer terminals, with two servers. During the expansion there has been a lot of discussion about the need for a written computer use policy.

You are the IT Services manager for Sunshine Machine Works. This company has seen rapid growth. Management is looking to you to provide a critical input for an Information Systems Use Security Policy. Although they have a format they can use for the policy, they are looking to you to provide some guidance on areas they will need to address when creating this policy.

When we first started this company there were only a few computers that we used to share our files. Now, with the growth of our company we have a situation where we need to centralize our file storage. I am concerned that if we are not careful, some proprietary information could be compromised. We need a good information systems use policy in place. Keep in mind that I am also looking at expanding our business into some oil field work and the standards we will be required to comply with dictate that we have a written policy in place.

There are a lot of spreadsheets which have our account information on them. There is restricted access so that the only ones to access those files are the CEO, the General Manager, and me. No other employees have access to most of them. When they need access to financial data, I am contacted and provide them with the feedback they request. I hope that we are able to keep this system running efficiently and any policy helps enhance the safeguarding of our financial data.

I look at the way we need to do business now, which entails a lot of online collaboration with our vendors, customers, and activities related to our potential sales outreach. I need to have our staff utilize our computing resources with maximum efficiency; however, I want to balance this with the realization our staff may need to check their personal email accounts, bank information, etc. As our file server has arrived and all file storage has been centralized, we need to look at how we secure our network while keeping productivity up.

Write a paper consisting of 500-1,000 words (double spaced) about your experience in the Week 1 You Decide exercise. Briefly explain some of the issues that a company may face as it experiences growth, and begin to address the proper use of their information systems.

Students should see Appendix C of the textbook for examples of policies that address the issues that companies may face.

Since you are responsible for IT Services and want to keep the systems and network functioning effectively, you will want to identify activities which would be permitted and which activities would be prohibited. Management will take your policy suggestions, finalize the policy and it will be provided to the employees.

Follow the instructions provided in the You Decide Exercise: Information Systems Use Security Policy.

SEC 360 Physical Security Simulation Report Week 5 DeVry

Compose a report on the experience of performing the Physical Security survey. Students will write a report consisting of 250-500 words (double-spaced) on experiences in the Physical Security Simulation.

SEC 360 You Decide Paper Week 6 DeVry

Sunshine Machine Works, who recently expanded its infrastructure, now needs to ensure that any authorized employee can access the intranet. Sales people and management staff frequently travel to remote locations, and often require access to documents stored on the intranet file server.

You are the IT Services manager for Sunshine Machine Works. You are to assess the information presented and provide a response to management on how remote access may be handled for Sunshine Machine Works.

Wilma Stone – Chief Executive Officer

It’s great that we have expanded and are able to reach out to customers all over the country. With the way things are going, I see real potential for continued success as long as our field assets have the ability to access information here on our local network. I don’t have any problem with any or our people getting access to the resources they need. I just don’t want anything compromised because I don’t want to lose any proprietary information or have any of our customer’s data leaked.

Margie Nelson – Chief Financial Officer

I am pretty paranoid when it comes to this remote access stuff. I keep hearing about people getting their networks broken in to and the next thing you know their bank accounts have been drained! However, it is apparent that this is an option whose time has come. I hope we are able to keep our data safe.

Gary Thomas – General Manager

We have workers who travel to remote locations and need to access information here on the Intranet. I would rather have our people accessing information over a secure connection than sending them out to who knows where with a laptop or thumbdrive full of our company information. Let’s see if we can solve the problem of remote access and maintain company proprietary information.

Given the scenario, your role and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this Week’s You Decide tab, in eCollege, to complete the activity for this scenario. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.

SEC 360 Quiz Week 1, 3, 5, 7 DeVry

SEC 360 Quiz Week 1 DeVry

SEC 360 Quiz Week 3 DeVry

SEC 360 Quiz Week 5 DeVry

(TCO 6) Which of the following is a consideration in site selection?

SEC 360 Quiz Week 7 DeVry

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